How to understand English text quickly

How to understand English text quickly

English Academy – Hi guys today we are going to study About How to understand English text quickly Here are some skills. Techniques or strategies on how to read and understand texts, or rather enjoy every piece of writing as outlined In a text.

1)  Reading Style

This activity of the way we read Is often considered trivial. And even tends to be underestimated, so it is often ignored. Most novice English learners often read the information contained in a text. Especially in English, by reading it word for word, for example. I will illustrate the following, Try reading the following Indonesian words and feel the flow of meaning contained in them! Reading is a process of looking at a series of written symbols and understanding the meanings and meanings they contain.

How are you guys? After reading the order of the words above.

What Do you find It easy to digest the meaning of these words? What Do you need a little effort to understand it? Do you need them to make sense to understand the words?

Now, compare it with the following words and feel the meaning they contain! Reading is a process of looking at a series of written symbols and understanding the meanings and meanings they contain.

After comparing these two ways of reading, which one do you think is easier to digest the words above? What is the first way In which you read the text word by word? Or is the second way reading through logical chunks, word by word, or more phrase by phrase? Reading is a process of looking at a series of written symbols and understanding the meanings and meanings they contain. Well, now try to read the English version and use the reading style above.

Reading is the process of looking at a series of written symbols and getting meaning from them. How to apply It? Practice every time you read a text not by reading word for word, but by reading phrase by phrase or sometimes word too, but the most important thing is to read it according to its logical meaning. Do It slowly and understand the meaning and meaning of each phrase you read


2) Preview Preview

In English called preview, Is a very Important thing to do to get a sense of a text or know at a glance what the text is talking about. In other words, we don’t necessarily read all the existing texts, but rather select and sort out which texts we want to read or which texts to ignore. For example when you read a magazine. You don’t read all the contents of the magazine from the first page to the last page, but you will see the table of contents or flip through each page quickly once you find a title you will pause for a moment. Then they make up the contents of the article from the title you read.

Then look at pictures, photos, and maybe for a moment. Your eyes sweep all the words by looking for key words from the article such as the first word, second word, or In the form of a list. If you are interested in the article, then you will start reading the article. However, If not you will continue to the next page. This skill is one of the reading strategies to find out the main Idea of a passage without having to read all parts of the text and which you can obviously How to apply it? Choose a newspaper, or a magazine, or a short story or whatever you like.

Just read the title, then observe the pictures, photos if they are available. Try to guess what the text or reading is about based on the title. Write down your guess and compare your answers by reading the passage carefully. Do It regularly with different articles so that this one skill Improves.


3) Skimming

This reading skill Is often considered the ability to read a text quickly. This skill is not used to read carefully and carefully. Even though this skill is necessary and Important to know, sometimes we don’t need to always read all the texts in depth and carefully. There are times when we skim just to get the main Idea, especially when we are faced with a long, page-consuming reading. Such as a financial report consisting of dozens of pages.


4) Scanning

This technique Is not much different from the previous one. Borrowing the term technology. In English it Is known as scanning. Allowing you to quickly search for certain pieces of Information. As above, we direct our eyes to skim through a lot of Information and sort It out then we read only what

we need scanning or scanning is ideally applied when we are trying to fing a phone number in the phone book. Or reading a public transportation departure schedule. Or maybe when we read a wedding Invitation letter from someone, what we are looking for is usually information about who is gretting married, the date and place.

those are the basic strategies for reading English texts that you can apply not only in English reading. But also in indonesian text. Hope it piques your curosity

Keep the spirit of fasting!

Laysa Amanda