Learning English is difficult but it can be fun if you have a special strategy to hone language skills. This study aims to describe explanatory factors that are thought to affect students’ ability in studying English, such as language attitude, adequate instruments. pre-teaching system and teacher’s willingness and conducted to strategy and tips for students how to study English with a lot of fun and enjoying. This study is descriptive study and object of study observation is English Academy Baturaja. Observation shows the results by applying the determination of making effective way in studying English in English Academy, the student feel confident and have good improvement in speaking English and memorizing new difficult vocabularies. Therefore, the students and teachers should have
effective strategy in order to create easy and fun studying atmosphere Keyword: Adequate instruments, Language attitude, pre-teaching system, teacher’s willingness, tips for studying English

1. Introduction

English is well-known international language over the world. According to, English is the most-used language among ten countries which is used by 1,34 billion people and followed by Chinese language. ( Therefore, this research has proven the audiences that English is most useful language and persuade the readers to study English. However, sometimes the children, especially at pre-adolescence stage still have difficulties to study English well. This statement does not rule out of possibility they are feel so hard to study English although someone enjoys on it. Because English is indispensable language to use in our daily activities, the author suggests the readers how to studying English with a lot of fun and enjoyable. From this article, we will discuss more about cause of difficulties of learning process and tips to make our learning process become more fun and easier.

1.2. Replication

This paper replicates on the research of Alieto (2018). The difference between this paper and Alieto (2018) are: Alieto (2018) did research in School in Philippines, meanwhile present paper is conducted in English Academy Baturaja. Otherwise, Alieto (2018) used to determine the correlation between language attitude and mother tongue and differentiation between teaching based on language attitude and mother tongue concept. Present paper uses descriptive study to describe language attitude, learning instruments, pre-service teaching and teacher’s willingness in English Academy Baturaja.

Alieto had done paper on 2018, meanwhile author’s paper occurs on 2022.

  1. Theoritical Review

Difficulty of studying English can be causedof language attitude. Dornyei (2003) in stated that language attitude concerns to a particulars audiences with more evaluations. Language attitude comes from “mother tongue” which always used in organization, social environment, family, etc. Because of this attitude has ingrained in our society, it will be difficult to vanished. Dornyei added that the users of “mother tongue” have roots in their minds and produce rational deliberation of facts.

When this mindset was conducted with foreign cultures and language, people rather become either persistent or consistent of change to new habit. Khan (2011) in Abbas & Iqbal (2018) had done research to communities of Pakistan immigrants at Manchester which had big opportunities to learn their heritage languages, meanwhile three generations had varied competencies. The finding of research showed that English was still dominant and preferred language of communication. From this result, we can conclude that lower-middle generation was open-minded in learning new language and able to adapted to foreign cultures. It will be motivation for young generation and student to learn functional international language like English.

Language attitude also raised from multilingual learning system or Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education had been practiced in Philippines. MacKenzie (2009) in Alieto (2018) also minded that mother tongue enclose to our daily activities. Mackenzie’s research finding showed that students whom were not taught using mother tongue ascent had more struggles in framing grammatical sentences and limited vocabularies provided. Indonesia has own ascent in spelling words. This case probably causes students have difficulties in spelling vocabularies, framing grammars and listening comprehensively to the English conversation. Other than mother tongue, language attitude also raised from learning instruments, pre-teaching service and willingness to teach. (Alieto, 2018). Those causes will be a reason for English teachers in Indonesia have to develop learning strategies to make studying English fun and enjoyable for children and adults. Especially, we start to introduce English to children because of the research done by Schmid (2016) in Ratminingsih (2018) stated that studying english should be done from young ages because they are in “critical period” when they have high-level curiosities and memorizing abilities. Hence, study English earlier is better for the children.

  1. Methodology

This article uses descriptive method because the author would describe the condition and situation based on previous research and compared with present phenomena. Phenomena take place in English Academy Baturaja. This research uses convenience sampling method. Sekaran & Bougie (2016) stated that convenience sampling was defined the researchers select the object as sample based on preferences. Objects of this article are all students in English Academy in especially on A1+ levels. This research is obtained to analyze student’s learning method and giving several tips for student to be easy in studying English.

 4.1. General description of Observed Object

English Academy has special strategy to make the class’s condition fun and enjoyable and located at Dr. Moh Hatta Street, Baturaja. Every teachers in English Academy are well-educated and trained to be enjoyable and easygoing teachers to develop learning strategies and welcoming students well. The teachers should ensure that students with basic level earn many vocabularies and good pronounciation and for A1+ level, the teachers concern about “speaking active” strategy. The teachers focused on three points are, strengthening vocabularies, describing picture and short conversation. This method is probably useful for students to memorize every word, every sentence and they try to arrange grammatical sentences with their own pronounciations, this method also increase their confidence in

speaking English in their daily life. The teachers were prohibited to give direct judgements for students who have incorrect spelling, however the teachers in EA are guider and “second parents” for students to help them create their ideas and express their feelings by studying English.

4.2. Results & Finding

Refers to Alieto (2018), the author will determine the factors of capability in studying English Academy from Author’s brief observation on following results:

  1. Language Attitude

From Author’s observation during teaching, most of students still have “mother tongue” especially in Basic level and Junior High School (A1+). They have local ascents in spelling their own words. The teachers need improving student’s speaking skills by vocabularies repetition and practicing short conversation. For describing pictures activity, the teachers explain few points to be explained by students and teachers together. Language attitude raised from their speaking habits in school, house and society. Even, few students admit that they still have less capability in speaking active because they never practice daily.

  1. Learning Instruments

English Academy has adequate instruments to support learning system. We have whiteboard, sound speakers to provide listening section, LCD projectors and comfortable class with fullAC rooms. The teacher must print the pictures will be described and prepare all medias for teaching. The guidance of teaching is text book with Cambridge curriculum. This curriculum is set to ensure the student will be updated to newest English skills development. It also helps the students to reach highest score on English test at their school and there is TOEFL preparation for senior high school students. Every level of student need has skill-based placement test.

  1. Pre-Teaching system

Before starting the class, English Academy always ensures the teachers are well-prepared. Management level ensures well-prepared and trained teacher before entering to the class. Based on Author’s daily observation, there is strategy to ensure all teachers have prepared the lesson or not:


  1. One teacher must prepare the lesson before teaching and present the lesson in front of other teachers. Obligation of other teachers is giving score based on teacher’s performance and skill preparation. Example: for basic level, the teacher concerns about listening, speaking, and reading and for pre-intermediate to up level, the teacher concerns about conversation, picture description, grammar complexity and comprehensive listening.
  2. The teacher who intends to teach A1+ level must print their pictures which are going to be described during the class. For Basic level, pictures describe ongoing vocabularies.
  3. The teacher could explain the materials taught and prepare the topic for conversation. If there are not prepared well, they will get less scores.
  4. After the teachers are well-prepared, we are ready to teach and meet the students on time. Before learning process, the teachers should warm up the students by greeting them, asking for their condition and caring and having small talk with the students. After that, the students and teachers can repeat previous lesson’s materials to memorize and brainstorm the past lessons.
  5. If There are students can not memorize previous materials well, the teachers should repeat the words or sentences more than 3 times and asking them one by one to ensure if they have understood yet
  6. After ensuring the students are well-prepared and stretched, the teachers can start the new materials and perform the learning process based on structured lesson plan.
4. Teacher’s Willingness

This factor must be prepared by teachers. All teachers in English Academy have high willingness. This condition seems that the teachers are well-prepared and have KPI (Key Performance Index) score with average >90%. This average score shows the teachers with percentage more than 90% well-prepared. According to this factor, all teachers have high intention and willingness to perform their obligations. The teachers search for experience and knowledges in English Academy by teaching. Based on Author’s observation, persons in management level on English Academy are kind and helpful to all employees. Their kindness would increase employee’s loyalty on working in company. All staffs and employees are like one family which are never separated.


Based on this observation, we can conclude that studying English in English Academy can be influenced by language attitude, learning instruments, pre-teaching system and teacher’s strategy and willingness. Studying is two-ways communication form. The students and teachers should have equal understanding of the lesson for best result of learning process. By applying determinations which were suggested by Alieto (2018), studying English will be fun and enjoyable. Other implication is instruments and medias using in learning process are primarily used by teachers should have simplicity and avoiding complexity for Basic and A1 level. The pictures using as media must be understood and seen well by students. The teachers try to not make the boundaries for students to give their own opinions. The teachers always allow students be creative, confident and critical-thinker.

5.2.Suggestions and Tips

These following suggestions and tips for students to have fun in studying English:

  1. Create comfortable situation in studying.

It is important for student to create comfortable situation while studying English. Select your favorite places where you like in it. Example: your favorite bedroom, your living room with adequate instruments, or if you like to study in groups, you can form “student group” which are formed by 3-4 students. We suggest you to recruit a professional or experienced English teacher to maximize learning process.

  1. Have adequate facilities

You should have adequate facilities to support learning process. Example: credible dictionary, notebook, laptop, and other media you prefer to.

  1. Repetition strategy

Repetition strategy is important especially for new difficult vocabulary and more than one syllable words. This strategy should the students to repeat these words more than three times spelling on it. Example: Re-fri-ge-ra-tor, in-di-ge-neous, di-lli-gent, wilde-beest, pre-script-ion, bean-sprout, cha-yo-te and many more.

  1. Read your favorite English book

Reading your favorite English book could help improving student’s reading skills. For the basic level student, we suggest you to read the book contained with interesting pictures and graphic with eligible simple sentences. Example: there is sentence “I love my house” which is under the picture of beautiful house. This method probably increases student’s memory in gaining vocabularies with visual aids. Besides, for high level students, you can practice reading by reading novel, short stories with complex words, and newspaper to gain some complex vocabularies and grammatical structures.

  1. Watching English movie without Indonesia’s subtitles


This is important for you who likes to watch movie on Netflix, cinema or Youtube. The students are suggested to watch their favorite English movie and inactivate Indonesia subtitle. However, you can activate English subtitle to match the correct words using in conversation among the actors. Example: if you are interested to watch “Spiderman 2” when will have been released on Youtube, you can watch it without Local language subtitle, you can choose English subtitle to improve your listening skill. Moreover, you can hear the podcasts using English language to improve your listening skill comprehensively.


  1. Listening to the music


It is a good habit for student whose listening to the music as a hobby. Listening can stimulate cognitive and intellectual function. Refers on golife id, when we study and listening to the music at once, we will understand the lesson fast, especially when we listen to the English music as studying English, we will create fun atmosphere in learning process. (


  1. Using rarely used perfume


This tips is unique, but maybe useful to help the students memorizing the materials. How to do that?


– You use your rarely perfume when you have to memorize new difficult vocabularies, sentences, grammar formulas and others. You should not use that perfume regularly


– When you need practice those materials, example: you will have English exam tomorrow or you need to go abroad, you can use that rarely perfume.


– This is only tips for you to memorize and elicits “light bulb” in your memory.


  1. You can take English course to improve your pragmatic and linguistic skills. English course should have been accredited, in order to provide excellent service done by quality, well-trained and educated teachers. Accredited course will have intensive training for their staff and teachers to give best performance.
  2. Keep praying and always do your best. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. By making mistakes could sharpen your creativity and analytical skill for repairing and doing some revisions

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Descriptive Study in English Academy Baturaja
Corresponding Author: Pankrasia Nadia