Tips for Learning English for Beginners

Tips for Learning English for Beginners

Tips for Learning English for Beginners

As beginners, it is not easy for us to learn English. There are some English Learning Tips for Beginners
1. Every day we have to target the vocabulary to be studied

We have to take note of the new vocabulary we learn every day. For example we learn what we do every day and what we see around us every day

2. We often listen to English song

We have to choose English song lyrics according to our age and you can’t choose English song lyrics that are harsh and contain adult content. Using music as a medium for learning straightforward English. Listen to populer songs as they are mostly played while in the car, radio, or at the mall so you get used to it.

3. We have to read English Books.

By reading English books, it is easier for us to get to know new vocabulary apart from English books, English Texts can be found anywhere. For example, websites, email, social media, even on takeout, Reading is the best way to increase vocabulary.
Reading in the form of articles, stories, and conversations can help to know and understand the meaning of English words. Reading also provides repetition of words so that helps to remember them.
Through the process of reading, people who learn English can improve their accuracy and fluency in speaking. Accuracy is defined as the correct use of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

4. We must have a partner or friend in the practice of speaking English.

We can invite father, mother, relatives and friends at school. English must be practiced every day in order to practice our habits and self-confidence

5. We must use visual aids.

Learning English using pictures and other visual aids is very helpful because it makes understanding easier. Pictures, diagrams, and videos can be used to connect visual with words.

6. We have to watch English videos about the topics of interest.

This is a good practice for your English comprehension and communication. Watching interviews and reviews will help you become familiar with conversational English.
Videos don’t have to be formal interviews. Maybe you love technology and want to know more about a particular model. If you like movies, you can watch interviews with your favorite actors and actresses.

7. We have to sign up for English Course

Taking an English Cours is a great way to learn the basics of the English Language. Learning basic knowledge can be the foundation for understanding and practicing English. In addition,you can choose a course based on your goals and skill level. If you want to learn conversational English for a vacation abroad. There are course that are tailored to this purpose. There are also courses in English for international business, for writing. For reading and much more

8. We have to change the language of our gadgets into English.

Every gadget such as smartphones to computers have languages that we can set, to help us learn English we can set it to be in English mode.
That way, we will be a litle familiar with the words in English. Words such as the names of day, hours, emergency calls, search, reorders and many more.

9. We must use the internet and youtube in learning English by watching videos on Youtube.

There are lots of channels that help everyone understand English

10. We should try to write in English.

Easy tips to learn English, the next is to do an ability test.
If you have previously learned English pronunciation through watching movies and listening to music. Then you have expanded your vocabulary and then the next step is, try to write using English sentences


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