Learning English for Beginner

Learning English for Beginner

Learning English for Beginner

Author: Pankrasia Nadia

Learning English is fun, right? Of Course, Yes. However, one of barrier in learning English is time unavailable and disbelief. Some people are afraid of studying English and not confident to try and practice manually. Author could find them on our environment. Example: my parents are sometimes afraid to study English, because of their perception related to difficultness, we are not confident to study because we’re afraid of going to be victim on verbal bullies. This is one reason of beginner. Whereas, it is just our fearness only. Hence, Author has some following tips for you who are still beginner in studying English. Here there are:


  • Ora et Labora: This is one idioms means “Pray and try”. It’s obligation which must be done. First, you know the priority to believe in one God and pray based on our belief. We must pray to our God and Beg for our kindness, brilliant knowledge and becoming diligent. In addition to praying, we must try and try more to study English. Example: you read five vocabularies, although five words a day, you can earn 150 vocabulary per month. It’s so amazing! When you are trying while praying, Author perhaps ensure, you will get what you want.


  • Use your gadget for studying English. It sounds ridiculous. No! it’s not. You could use your tablet or smartphone as visual aids. Example: you can play easy games for kids with English as main language or you can download e-vocabulary from your application. You will be studying while playing. Use your gadget for useful activity, not for wasting time.

Learning English for Beginner

  • Daily practice in house: you can talk with your best friend and family, know and mention things using English. Example: “A Table”, “A glass” or when you see your mother is very busy, you may say “Mom, Can I help you?” “Mom, Can I do a favor, please?”. Only for simple sentences, you can earn knowledge and become well-trained to be English speaker.


  • You can mix learning process with your hobbies. Example: it’s a great news for you who are E-pop lovers. You can study while listen to your favorite music or watch interesting English movie. If you like reading, you could buy your favorite short story or novel as learning reference.


  • You can take an English course with credible and qualified teacher. For Baturaja Citizen, you can come to English Academy. Here we provide you five-stars excellent service, International curriculum and prioritize speaking and writing skills in English. In English Academy, all students are obligated to participate on speaking, conversation and exciting activities provided.


  • Don’t be hesitate to study and study more. You must be confident that Your efforts will not disappoint you. Keep much trying and do your best.

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