Topic Slang And Idiom

Topic Slang And Idiom

Hello! Welcome to English Academy with Miss.Nadia

Today, Miss Nadia will introduce you about Topic Slang And Idiom. What is Idiom?

Idiom => Sentences or statement that has particular meaning that differs from individual words. In Bahasa, We usually says “Peribahasa”.

Example of Idioms:

  1. I have bitten off more than I can chew => Do more difficult things above abillity
  2. I have Bigger fish to fry => Have more important things to do
  3. I am sleepy. I must hit the sack => Got to sleep
  4. The Exam starts tomorrow. Break a leg. => Good luck!
  5. No pain, no gain => Try hard to get the best result
  6. I have to wrap my head around something => able to understand something although it is difficult one
  7. Enough for today. Let’s call it a day => End up a day
  8. I am on the ball in Ms. Nadia’s class today. => understand and pay attention to
  9. Don’t give up. Hang in there always! => never give up
  10. I can’t afford to buy Iphone 12. It makes me break the bank => really costly (expensive)
  11. Being Adapted is important to avoid “Fish out of the water” feeling. => out of comfort zone
  12. I saw the accident yesterday and two people were straight from the hourse’s mouth => involved or face a situation or become eyewitness
  13. Don’t cry as wolf. Everyone won’t believe you. => fictive crying
  14. We have to take a rain check for our holiday plan during pandemic => postpone a plan
  15. Wi-fi connection is the best thing since sliced bread => the best finding of things
  16. If you cheat on your exam, you will bell the cat yourself => danger your self
  17. Woah! This questions are like pieces of cake => very easy
  18. We avoid being black sheep. So, do your best as you can do. => disgrace member of family.
  19. I have blue in my face => pale face
  20. Please keep trying! You have to go back to the drawing board => recharge the energy


  1. Once in a Blue Moon => rarely-happened events
  2. Twist someone’s arm => build belief in others
  3. Beat around the bush => To avoid talking about important things
  4. Up in arms                => being angry about something         
  5. Comparing apples to oranges=> compare two or more different things
  6. Give someone the cold shoulder => Ignore someone
  7. The elephant in the room => big problem
  8. Throw caution to the wind => taking risk
  9. Saving for a rainy day                =>  to save money for future and unexpectable form
  10. Sell like hot cakes => sell things out
  11. Get a taste of your own medicine => you will receive what you have done to others
  12. Let the cat out of bag / spill the bean => let everyone know about secret
  13. A chip off the old block => like father like children

Topic Slang And Idiom

Those are the idioms today. We hope you understand them well and able to use them as daily expression. Let’s call it a day, Dear friends.


Much Love,

Pankrasia Nadia (English Academy)