The Difference Between British and American English

The Difference Between British and American English

The Difference Between British and American English

By: Pankrasia Nadia


Hello Friends! Nice to meet you today. We are going to learn about British English and American English. These two types are differed by how to read, writing process and pronounciation. You should know how it can be different? Refer to, This story started from conflict between US Colonial and British where the American fought to achieve freedom from British’s occupation. American english had been introduced by Noah Webster in 1828 from “An American Dictionary of English Language”. Meanwhile, British english was founded by Samuel Johnson in “The Dictionary of English Language” year 1755. ( Hence, There are common differentiation between British and American English until present time. These are following example showing difference between British and American English in Writing method and vocabulary


INDONESIA                  BRITISH                       AMERICAN


Sepak Bola                          Football                               Soccer

Celana                                  Trousers                              Pants

Sampah                                Litter                                    Garbage

Musim                                  Gugur Autumn                   Fall

Liburan                                Holiday                                Vacation

Minuman                             Soda Fizzy Drink                Soda

Toko                                      Shop                                      Store

Rumah                                  Susun Flat                           Apartment

Abu-Abu                               Grey                                      Gray

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Study this following conversation

This following dialog is done by Sophia and John. Sophia is an Australian visiting to New York for short vacation. There, she meets John, a local citizen.

Sophia : “Excuse me, may I ask for help?”

John : “Yes, please. What can I do for you?”

Sophia : “I am looking for fast food restaurant near this street. Do you know where it is?”

John : “I suggest you to go to Burger Harvest Café on St. Vincent street. You have to go along and if there is crossroad, turn left and it is located on the corner of that street.”

Sophia : “Wow. Thank you so much for your help. I am going to treat you for lunch. May you accompany me, please?” John : “That’s great. Count me in”

While eating lunch together…

John : “Your soda looks like fresh and tasty”

Sophia : “ Pardon me? you mean this fizzy drink?”

John : “Yes. I will order it too and a portion of French fries

Sophia : “French fries? Oh yeah. I know that. In my country, it is called crisp.” By the way, Where’s the rubbish? I have to throw this litter away.”

John : “Oh yeah. You can call it trash here. You can throw your garbage away to trash over there.

After eating lunch

John : “Where do you stay?”

Sophia : “I stay at Flat on St.Victoria street No.14”

John : “I know that place is luxurious apartment. How much its cost?”

Sophia : “about $200 per night”. By the way, thank you for today. When you are going to visit me, you can contact me on Whatsapp number that I gave

John : “No problem. I am pleased to help you. You can call me immediately when you need some help. Take Care, Sophia”


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