Community Class Program with English Academy

Community Class Program with English Academy

Community Class Program with English Academy – The Community Class program is the newest program at LKP English Academy. this program is intended for junior high school until general level students which is held once a week in fun and interesting places for sharing and discussion in the Baturaja area, We can make sure that you will feel comfortable sharing and discussing. Of course using English.

This Community Class was held because we realize that the majority of students in Baturaja have the basic ability to speak English but are still shy to speak in public either with friends their families because. They fear of being called ignorant, pretentious to be English and so on.

Well, it can be seen from the problem above. LKP English Academy invites all students throughout Baturaja and its surroundings to join us in the Community Class.

In this Community Class, you don’t need to be ashamed to speak English, because here every one will learn and have the chance to speak English freely without any judgement and we will give the best experience and teacher for you

A reliable mentor from the English Academy who will guide you to speak English when sharing and discussing. Interesting discussion material to discuss, a comfortable place to discuss in an easily accessible area and an unforgettable experience

In this Community Class, later you will meet new friends and the same as you. Where they are people who are also interested in learning English to be even better.

For those of you who wants to join the English Academy in the Community Class Program. You can directly click the link below.


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