English Academy Youtube Program

English Academy Youtube Program

English Academy Youtube Program – This Youtube program is an activity that emphasizes the students’ performances to show their ability and talent in front of recording camera and will be published on English academy official youtube channel for public and parents to witness the students’ talents. Although sometimes there are some students who still feel nervous, shy and panicked when dealing directly with the camera and also the people around them.

By joining this program, students will be brave to appear in front of the class to give their best performance and develop their public speaking skills


The Youtube Program at LKP English Academy has been established since last August with the hope of increasing the enthusiasm of LKP English Academy students in learning speaking and their confidence to appear in front of the camera. This Youtube class program with LKP English Academy. Is not only a place for learning but also to show the skills and abilities of our students from elementary to high school levels. The talents displayed are varied, from singing, poetry, presentations of cooking shows, speech and storytelling which of course using English.

English Academy Baturaja

The following are the performances of the English Academy students that you can watch on our Youtube Channel @English Academy Official:


Reckless – Madison Beer (Cover by Hassel Audric LKP English Academy) 

Speechless – Naomi Scott (Cover by Josefhine Azalea Narwastu LKP English Academy) 

Ingredients & Equipments || Speaking Active of English Academy } by students of Basic 5B

Never Enough – The Greatest Showman (Covered by Mely Zalfa F. LKP English Academy) 

Puisi Bahasa Inggris || My Teacher ||Performed By Qurrota Asyifa (LKP English Academy)

Here’s Your Perfect – Jamie Miller – (Covered by Ratu Mazaya Azka LKP English Academy)

Speaking Practice || Ingredients & Kitchen Utensils || Speaking Active of English Academy

Sleeping Bunnies – Little Baby Bum Nursery (Covered by Clara Alkanza Azri LKP English Academy)

We entrust this event to the youtube class team who are members of several english Academy staff such as Mr. Agus, Ms. Mia, Mr. Young and other staff and teachers.

Which is where we work together to explore the talents of all LKP English Academy students with the hope that later they can dare to appear in public using English.

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